Impostor syndrome

Have you ever felt that you are undeserving for the achievement you got? Well, this feeling is often called Impostor Syndrome, also called the ‘Fraud Syndrome’. Almost 70 percent of the population faces this psychological condition. Majorly, people who are in a high position, or someone who has high academic skills, tend to have theContinue reading “Impostor syndrome”

World Forestry Day

Imagine a world without pollution in any manner; a world full of greenery and clean air, land, and water. Trees and plants are all over. How fascinating it would be, right? Today, March 21st is observed as World Forestry Day, or International Day of Forests. Since childhood, we all have been taught that plants andContinue reading “World Forestry Day”

Thank you!

So, that is it. We have approached the end of the #bloganuary challenge. I thank all my followers and viewers for your support. I’m grateful to WordPress team for giving me such a great opportunity. I hope you all liked what I have written so far. I was excited to receive the prompts each day,Continue reading “Thank you!”